Villa B
Floor: 2
Apartment no: B21
Layout: 5+kk
The net floor area: 123 m2
Floor area: 146 m2
Price: 8 620 000 CZK
01 Hallway:15,6 m2
02 Room 1: 18,8 m2
04 Room 2: 18,8 m2
05 Room 3: 16,0 m2
06 Room 4: 18,8 m2
07 Living room and kitchen: 38.4 m2
08 Bathroom and toilet: 2,7 m2
09 Bathroom and toilet: 9,0 m2
Net floor area: 140,6 m2
Terraces: 39,9 m2
Balcony: 8.6 m2
Apartment overall: 152,4 m2
EU Energy label A

Along with purchasing any of the apartments, also a parking space in the underground garage (from 350 000 CZK without VAT) and a cellar (from 30 000 CZK / m2) of your choice, must be acquired.

The floor area of flats pursuant to Section 3 of Government Decree No. 366/2013 Coll., on regulating certain matters related to the co-ownership of flats, as amended, means the floor area of all rooms of the flat, from the inside of vertical structures outlining the flat, including their surface coverings, including the floor area of all vertical loadbearing and non-load-bearing structures in the flat, such as walls, pillars, chimneys, and similar vertical structures, and this includes the floor area taken up by built-in objects such as built-in wardrobes, bathtubs, and other fittings inside the flat.

Villa C
Floor: 1, 2
Floor PLAN
Floor: 1
Floor: 2
3d model
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